Dimensions / Weight

60 x 30 x 12 mm
120 g (without key)


Lockable is a safety lock for all SM conditions. Wherever a buckle fits, Lockable fits too. Use it for wrist and ankle cuffs, strait jackets, chastity belts and collars. Even shoes, corsets, diapers and all kinds of clothing can be secured with Lockable. It can be combined with almost any kind of material: rubber, leather, metal, canvas, and other fabrics. Lockable frees your fantasies from practical boundaries.


Lockable features a safety lock with a cross profile key and a fully welded casing made in Germany. The clasp is permanently fixed with rivets. The counter clasp is attached with an adjusting screw that cannot be opened when the lock is closed. But when the lock is open, the counter clasp can be adjusted like a belt with little effort


Lockable also offers simultaneous locking locks, that means that one key locks several locks. Additional locks purchased later can use the same key. Included in the delivery are the lock, the adjusting screw and two keys per lock. Additional spare keys may also be ordered.


Lockable is made of non-corrosive stainless steel. You can use it in all kinds of “wet” games. Discolorations are impossible. It is also hypoallergenic.

Instructions for care

Lockable is made of non-corrosive steel and will not rust. But in order to maintain a smooth-running lock, we recommend rinsing it thoroughly with clear water after “wet” games. Dry it well (e.g. on a radiator) and spray the locking mechanism with silicone spray. Open and close the lock a couple of times with the key. It will be ready for future fun.